Robert Mueller Did a Fine Job…

…before Congress.

I grant you, the report, which will always bear his name, is of dubious worth. The 19 Leftists who actually produced the report certainly did what they could to create doubt about President Trump. Their work will pursue him even after he leaves office in less than six years now. Since they could not find anything impeachable the cabal left a trail of bread crumbs for future prosecutors to follow after in later years.

The report itself is nothing in and of itself. There was no evidence of collusion, so there could not, by definition, be obstruction. Apparently, one cannot be said to obstruct the investigation of a non-existent crime.

So, history will, perhaps set aside the Mueller Report itself. I certainly intend to do so in the post. What I do want to praise is Mr. Mueller’s protagonist as anti-hero performance before Congress.

I call it a bravura performance. in his monologues, Mr. Mueller, a life long Republican and public servant did exactly what he wanted to do. To wit:

Mr. Mueller displayed his absolute desire to be ANYWHERE ELSE in the world. Mr. Mueller had repeatedly announced his lack of interest in a Congressional appearance. He did not wish to answer questions that would put his future very much in question. Perhaps he did not wish to spend six hours of his life listening to the accusatory speech making from each side.

I salute his good common sense. Two years of investigation cannot be capsuled to people who could not be bothered to read the report itself. The performance on the behalf of some was as predictable as it was laughable.

Mr. Mueller also put a great deal of distance between himself and the report. In fact, he seemed less informed on some of the subject matter than the common person on the street (like me).

I grant you the fact he is 74 years old and at the end of a long life of public service.He is not the doddering old fool either side painted him out to be after his appearance.

Mr. Mueller went out of his way not to add or subtract from his report. He kept his answers very brief. When asked direct questions about the report, he forced his interlocutor to point directly to the portion of the report they were questioning. Forced to deal with facts, the Congresspersons had to leave off their deeper questions in order to HAVE TIME TO MAKE THEIR SPEECHES. Mr. Mueller got his tormentors to reveal their intentions without giving any of them anything they could come back and question him about at the inevitable later appearances.

In short, Mr. Mueller went out of his way to avoid telling a lie. He was so careful not to hedge the truth that he may have made it less likely he will ever be called before Congress again.

This being said, let me point to the great sadness of all this business. That is, we are at the point in American public life when our public servants all need lawyers and THEIR LAWYERS NEED LAWYERS.

Granted, we have a lot of lawyers in America and they cannot all chase ambulances. Still, that is not the point.

My point is our public servants have virtually no opportunity to serve. Simple identification with one side or another reasonably guarantees one will be investigated, interrogated and, often, incarcerated. Ask General Mike Flynn

Mr. Flynn had to sell a home to pay legal fees after the Mueller team threatened to go after his son in the Russian collusion farce. Families, homes; no jail time for the retired General but he pretty much lost everything else. One wonders if he was supposed to thank his persecutors for recommending he at least not go to jail.

Will our best persons want to serve? There are great material rewards to public service but, as we have seen, there are a lot of other ways to make money, ways that do not involve six hours of tenuous testimony before persons who had their staff read your report.

And, beloved, the nation suffers.

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