Rombama-Tax Returns Return

   Inhale. Exhale. Think slowly and more effectively.

   Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid do not release their tax returns. Neither do I, but mostly because it would be embarrassing if you knew how little I have made  over the  years.

   Please let me point out Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Reid actually belong to the party demonstrating a certain amount of apopolexy over Mr. Romney's "lack of transparency" on his tax returns, his business dealings, his offshore accounts and his immense personal wealth. Perhaps Mr. Reid and Ms. Pelosi would like to get out in front and show a good example by releasing all their personal financial information.

 And, perhaps, pigs will soon fly. It could happen.

   Of course, what I am saying is both parties are so rife with hypocrisy and posturing in the matter of personal wealth, it is almost comical to watch. The whole mess would be more comical if the stakes in this election were not so high.

   Next year, 2013, will begin a Taxastrophe in this nation. Effective rates will rise on all wage earners, regardless of bracket. The super-rich will have to pay their share, which is enormous because of their control of great wealth. In addition, Americans will be forced to decide what services are actually essential to us. Tax increases, which I regard as inevitable regardless of which party wins, will avail us nothing if we do not cure our addiction to government services.

   We will, then, inevitably face what no politician in a representative democracy wishes to face. The next administration will have to raise taxes and cut services all at the same time. The political party forced to do both in draconian terms may lose the White House (and the Congress and the State house) for thirty years. The party in power that fails to offer this bitter medicine may lose the nation.

   In the 1950s and early '60s, the Southern states of the US voted for the Democratic party. This did not necessarily hold true for the White House when a national hero of DDE's stature ran on the GOP ticket but check the Congressianal representation and Southern Governerships in the Solid South of those years. The Solid South was solid indeed.

   When LBJ pushed for and signed the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts of 1964, he predicted to do so would mean the loss of the South for forty years. As usual, on the matter of political reckoning, Lyndon was right.

   That is, a supposedly safe constituency can be lost for a political generation, or forever.

   So, the safest place for any political party for the next decade may be in the minority. The tax returns we must all concern ourselves with the most are those tax returns we are going to face in the near future. You know, the tax returns where we take our own earnings and return them all to some governmental body or other, in the form of uber-taxes to pay for the national debt.

   Both parties, and, so, both candidates, need to cry out for bi-parisian action to lower the debt, immediately. This would take immense courage and vision at any time. 

   Today, it is just harder than ever.



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