Rombama-The Birther and the Worther

   We have not yet reached August. We still have the two national conventions to endure. 

   It is not the intention of aintsobad to add to your burden, or even to tell you how to vote. Here at aintsobad, the sole author and proprieter only seeks to clarify some of what we see in the campaigns, in order to still the tumult and make sense of some rhetoric.

   Mr. Romney may not have been at the meeting where the GOP decided to resurrect the Birther attacks on Mr. Obama, but, as we say in politics, "He's Mitt Romney and he approved this message." In the last week, as Mr. Romney leaked his political flirtation with Condi Rice and declared,, for the last time, he will not release any more tax returns, GOP surrogates from Rush Limbaugh to Michelle Bachman to Jim Diment to Newt Gingrich denounced Mr. Obama as Un-American. 

   This is a thinly veiled tip of the hat to the Birthers, whether of the Tea Party or General GOP, who had such fun insisting that Mr. Obama was actually born in Kenya, which is not really that close to Oahu. No, they are not using the term "Birther," showing that term has lost its cache. Still, it remains the place on the drum where, for many, one can beat the head at one point and have the reverbation echo all around. Mr. Romney approves the Birther argument. We are going to here it again and again. At least, see it for what it is.

   Mr. Obama has decided to attack Mr. Romney for his Worth. If Mr. Romney posits the Birther argument, Mr. Obama responds by what I call the Worther argument. Mr Obama and his surrogates want some more tax returns, more information on when Mr. Romney left Bain and Company, where his off shore accounts are and how Swiss is his valet.

   The Birther and the Worther. Neither one telling us how he will decrease the federal deficit, bring the troops home, work with the health care crisis looming in this country, or decrease wasteful spending in the face of the coming TaxAmaggedon.

   We are pretty sure Mr. Romney knows how to outsource labor and that Mr. Obama knows how to spend tax money on ineffective stimuli. Left begging is the question, "When will either of you guys get good at this governing thing, and will we still have a country when you do?"

   The Birther and the Worther. If we fall into either trap, we convince these highly ascerbic campaigns of what they really think about you.

   We really are that stupid.


Correction: The percentage of African-American voters polling for Mr. Obama in 2008 was 94%. The percentage of Afican-American voters who say they will vote for Mr. Obama in the fall election of 2012 is now, July 19, 2012, at 92%, according to an MSNBC survey. I mistakenly wrote Mr. Obama had 95+% of the African-American vote now, as then. I regret this error.


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  1. Wasn’t the Mother of President Obama a US citizen when he was born and doesn’t this fact make the president then a native citizen?

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