Romney-No Way to Spin This One? Let Me Try. Stop Laughing. Really.

What does one serve at a $50,000 a plate dinner?

Apparently, one serves up a soft, overhead lob, intended to come back at the speaker a lot faster than it leaves his mouth.

I am the artist formerly known as aintsobad. In nearly six decades on the planet, ever the optimist, I have learned to spin everything from poor Greek conjugation skills (dead language; this is why) to hair loss (takes less shampoo; good for the planet).

Poor Sunday attendance? People resting for vigorous return next week.

Less than scintillating homily? Too much depth for common hearers.

Church van broken down, again? Tribulation worketh patience; always sounds better in the King James.


I cannot spin a presidential candidate caught on video explaining why he does not care about 47% of the population, a figure including retirees, veterans and service people on active service duty. Cannot spin. Unspinnable. No-o spin-o, buck-o.

It is enough to make you wonder who was really sitting in Clint’s empty chair.

Mr. Romney has never been a superb candidate. He is a bit wooden (think Pinocchio, pre-Jiminy Cricket), removed from the common man (“I have several friends who own NASCAR teams”) and, well, unexplained. There have been times I swear the only rationale he can give for wanting to be President is because he thinks it is his turn.

If, I say if, I were trying to spin this for Mr. Romney, I would:

  • Stock up on pain killers and not fear to use them
  • Buy ear plugs to muffle the laughter
  • Queue up to the copier, the better to mass produce one’s bio sheet
  • And, take my medicine.

Mr. Romney’s pronouncement to a room full of his peers, i.e., people who can pay $50,000 for a plate, are willing to do so and listen to Mitt while chewing, is not at all different from what he said to the NAACP audience two months ago. Someone needs to say that to the Beast (media maw). Mr. Romney was roundly booed at the NAACP convention when he said that anyone who wants the government to take responsibility for their life needs to go vote for Mr. Obama. He said it, got booed, looked over the heads of the audience and smirked at the camera. Oh, how our Mitt can smirk.

He took his medicine, delivered his message, stood by it and walked away in no way diminished. Now, he is pilloried for repeating the same message. He will in no way be able to win the vote of people who want government to work for them, or, at least, to be neutral. He will not win with people who want to be on the government dole.

Mitt was right. He won’t win with “those people.” He just misidentified “those people.”

At the NAACP convention, he came across looking like a fellow courageous enough to visit with people who will not vote for him. And the crowd at the NAACP convention will not vote for him. Every poll has 94% of “those people voting for Mitt’s opponent. At the Huge Chicken Fundraiser, Mr. Romney said the same thing and came out looking like a bully, a rich kid with all kinds of privileges who, by his words, does not have “the job” to “care about 47% of the electorate.

You have to know your crowd. And, in this day, you have to know someone has a camera in the room and does not like you.

Mr. Romney, who runs his own campaign, may lose the election because of an old actor with an empty chair and a busboy with a smartphone. On lesser things have kingdoms faltered.



Opinions here are mine alone.


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