Roy Vaughn Laid to Rest

   Let me state first how much I appreciate the way Roy's family took people to this blogsite over the last several days to read the stories about Roy and his contribution to his community. Their kindness makes it all worthwhile.

   The worship hour itself was wonderful. An honor guard, a flag ceremony, wonderful singing. Dave Wyrzen and I shared the gospel with about 700 folks gathered in the sanctuary of First Baptist Church, Midlothian. I appreicate Dr. Bruce Prindle and his staff hosting us for the service.

   I was glad to be in Midlothian again. I am happy to be at home in Brock now.

   Roy will be missed.

5 thoughts on “Roy Vaughn Laid to Rest”

  1. Mike Marshall

    “4 of every 10 people that leave church do so because they were hurt by the church. Pastors, quit hurting people!”-Rick Davis at Roy Vaughn’s funeral.

  2. I appreciated your kind words you had for my dad. You brought back many memories for me as you spoke about his kindness and care for others. You and Dave did a wonderful job of memorializing him. It was nice to meet you and I hope you are feeling better.

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