Sadness Or Depression

Will you question with me once this question;

Just and only this one?

Are sadness and depression

one and the same?

A hundred companies

claim they have a dozen cures

for depression

but not one I can find

claims they have a cure

for sadness.

I don’t think I have depression.

I never could sleep

and I seldom eat, anyway.

I still get up

get dressed

get to work.

No, this is not depression.

I know for certain, nothing.

I am absolutely certain I know nothing for sure.

I think, though I can’t be sure.

I believe I have sadness.

No one claims on TV to have a cure for sadness.

Does this mean

they would cure your depression

but leave you with a boatload of sadness?

This is one more question than I promised.


I am told the kind of sadness I have takes time for recovery.

You don’t get over it.

You only hope to go through it.

I have already been sad all I want to be sad.

I just haven’t been sad long enough to be over being sad.

How can time cure your sadness if every first time you face

just reminds me I am sad?

Since I cannot stop asking more questions

than I said I would

I will stop,

except to ask you this last one,

Does anyone else ever feel the same?


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