Prayer is that place you go to find out what your salvation is worth.

There are times you can be gracious with your speech. Other times you can be gracious with your silence.There is seldom a good time to be ungracious.

Charon is that mythical beast who conveys the dead souls down the river Styx to their torment. Michelangelo painted him with talons and pointed ears, beating the dead souls to make them get out of his boat and onto the shores where they were doomed to torment forever. The artist's Last Judgement has that scene and another of a man being pulled into hell by demons. Beaten, pulled, shattered, separated from all that is good; isn't that Hell enough?

The man or the woman, the being, who sees your success as equal to their own, this is a person after God's heart. Those who show themselves fearful of your accomplishment lest it make their own seem smaller are influenced by the sitka achra. God loves success. The Satan hates any success but his own.

Please sit down just now and start to write a prayer. When it is perfect, fully developed and fine, pray it every day for as long as you live.

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