Say What You Will About Donald Trump…

…and I will help you do it.

The Donald is bombastic, forceful, exceedingly non-presidential, predatory, rich enough to run for president without asking you for money, brash, painful to watch, rich enough to say exactly what he thinks at any given moment and not one prone to keeping his word. As evidence, Mr. Trump has pledged to live with a woman in structured monogamy no less than three times, each time “until death doth us part.” Reportedly, all three women liveth on, as doth Mr. Trump, but only one is still married to the Donald.

How rich is Mr. Trump? He is so rich, he can wear his hair the way he wears his hair and still call Rosie O’Donnell “ugly.” My friend, that is rich.

I would take some time to look at where Mr. Trump is on the issues of 2016, but I have no idea where he stands on anything. This is after listening to numerous speeches, interviews and swollen reality bytes called “debates.” I still do not know what he wants, except a wall between the United States and low-priced labor. He seems to think the mostly inert government to the South will pay for most, if not all, of this wall. The president of the aforementioned southern government has sworn to forego the honor of paying for said wall.

On the issues, like immigration, health-care, the burgeoning gap between haves and have-nots in this nation, urban violence, et al, well, I just do not have a clue as to what Mr. Trump wants. GOP strategists repeatedly deny the Donald has any chance of winning their party’s nomination. Then, he wins the New Hampshire primary, while all his main opponents actually lose ground to him in the Granite State. Mr. Trump is now in South Carolina, where palmettos seem to love his willingness to get down in the dirt. If there is no dirt, Mr. Trump will buy a trucking company and haul in dirt for the wallowing.

What do we have to say about Mr. Trump, faced, as we are, with the very real possibility that he will be the GOP candidate for president? We have to admit these slices of reality about Mr. Trump:

  • Mr. Trump has been vetted, re-vetted, vetted again and then re-vetted for good measure. One can hardly expect any eleventh hour discoveries that would damage Mr. Trump’s candidacy because he has lived so much of his life in the public eye. What we see is not only what we will get, it is what we have seen over and over again. If the American electorate chooses to give Mr. Trump a serious four year cut to move into government housing, no one will be able to say we are surprised about anything the Donald says or does.
  • Mr. Trump is not as unacceptable to mainstream Republican thinkers as they (seem to) think. Mr. Mitt Romney was a super successful business person and the GOP candidate. Granted, Mr. Romney had left business for politics to cap off his career, but the margin of difference between Mitt and Donald was very small. The GOP does not turn up its nose to the Capitalist system. Former Governor Rick (Oops) Perry called Mr. Romney a “Vulture Capitalist.” The GOP looked, nodded and showed their horror at this discovery by taking Mr. Romney within an eyelash of the White House. Do not think the same system will turn on Mr. Trump four years after Mr. Romney.
  • Mr. Trump is competitive. Those four words are akin to announcing, “There were some Sioux at the Little Big Horn.” Mr. Trump is the kind of competitive that forces other competitors to deal with him, and ignore the rest of the suits on the platform. Mr. Trump out-brawled Chris Christie. He dealt Carly Fiorina  a hand that sent her back to the private sector. Mr. Trump turned the last five-headed GOP debate into such a melee that every other man (they were all male) on the platform looked at the floor when poor old John Kasich got tired of being nobly ignored and announced, “This is crazy. This is just crazy. Jeez All Mighty.”

I could not have agreed with Mr. Kasich more, unless he had said, “This debate is shameful. This is just shameful.”

By the way, if anyone wants to know what Mr. Kasich is, besides the one fellow left trying to be “positive,” read up on  the late Dwight D. Eisenhower. Mr. Eisenhower’s presidency is getting enough dust on it that we can have an honest review of his eight years. What we discover is this; his premiership was not as bad as we once thought. Mr. Kasich is not a Reagan Republican, he is an Eisenhower Republican and that is not so bad.

The local politician I work for is a guy named Paul D. Perry. He was out patching holes on a bad stretch of road on a foul weather day. When I reminded him we have people who are tasked with just that job, he reminded me of his philosophy of elected office. He said, “This is a service oriented obligation. This is not about privilege or position or power. We are supposed to serve.”

I am not sure Mr. Trump would agree with this philosophy. Then again, I am not sure what Mr. Trump would say about anything. I know he does not like Rosie and that is about it. I hope we don’t have to find out what else he thinks from the Oval Office.


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