See the Court

Now, we are in the holiday season, which also means the basketball season. Or, as gym rats would say, we are in the basketball season, which coincides with the traditional holidays of American culture.

And I start to think of the court.

You have to see it. If you are a referee in a two person crew you have to see more of the court, widen your look and still be able to focus on the center of the play, which is always…always…always…wait for it…the ball. You have to always be aware of the ball. The ball is at the top of the key, watch the ball but look across and see the part of the court you have to see because over there, away from the ball, someone may be getting mugged.

I made a call once from the Trail position, two-person crew, Ballside was away from my side, down low to the post opposite, inside the Foul Line extended. So, the ball was not mine.

Then the ball went up, out of a scrum of players nearest the baseline, aimed (sort of) at the goal. So, now the ball is mine, because I am Trail. The ball is in the air, coming from away, obscured in origin and I see, while the ball is in the air, a young student athlete from Team A (shooting team), shove his opponent from behind hard enough for dislodgement.  All this while the ball is in flight.

So, I blow my whistle, drop my whistle, raise my hand, close my hand, check the ball to see the end of its flight (it went in) and moved toward the two young men, who are posturing at one another. I also have to inform my partner, who needs to know the call so she can move to her position, post-call and, as well, must handle any bad acts by any player, down low, where she is in her Home position.

All this is for a two point shot in a blow-out game.

The call?

Shot was in the air when the foul occurred. Shot counts. Foul is assessed, leading to one on one shots at the other end. You will need to make certain the players do not fight, though you do not break up fights. You must make the report, knowing who fouled and who got fouled, because he is going to shoot one and one on the other end. You also need to know it is one and one. Late in a half, one and one can become Double Bonus, which means two shots are awarded.

This is one play, keyed on the ball,, which is in the air, in no one’s hand, but in Team Control of the Throwing team.

There are ten players on the court, so while you were calling this play, five other things happened, which you did not call. Why? You were on the ball, literally.

So, have a nice game.

That was one play. One.


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  1. RD,

    Based on what you just wrote, it would be crazy for anyone to imagine you don’t know what is going on in every facet of local church life at FBC. Your highly honed observation skills along with old dog wisdom of knowing what to anticipate make you a wonderful asset to the the church. I can only imagine the good people at Brock know how blessed they are to access your leadership on a daily basis. I would love to visit again soon. I don’t know if that will happen, but I would love it. Be blessed, my friend.


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