Seeking Restoration

Or something. I am praying and reading these days, a lot more than in recent years. As a result I am not writing much. It does not mean I have no ideas. It does mean I am tired, really, really tired and I am facing a couple of things upcoming that take some of my emotional and physical energy, as well as my mental energy.

Sooo, less writing and more reading right now.




1 thought on “Seeking Restoration”

  1. Your writing will be missed . I will be praying for God to richly bless you and meet all your needs according to hi his riches in Glory. I too have been dealing with earthly situations over which I have no control. I am so happy that our loving Lord has control and never makes mistakes. In my increased reading, I am learning so much more than I ever learned by talking all the time. God is Good and ready to Bless us

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