Sermon Presentation Prep

   We are working through the Acts of the Holy Spirit through the Apostles just now. Got through Acts 1 pretty well; in Acts 2 now for three weeks with no real end in sight.

   I still do a sermon list in advance, text and proposed title, for the worship team and the presentation is still Biblical in nature.

   I get a sermon manuscript ready for each Sunday morning and a sermon manuscript or brief for Sunday night, which we still do. I try to do at least a sermon brief for Wednesday night.

   I dont spend as much time on the web as some seem to say but I do look for stories and images to touch strings. We used to do it with books and magazines and papers; now we have the web. I dont go to other guys sermons much (ever) or to illustration services. I am not a good consumer. Very much concerned with original production.

   Sermon prep is quicker than it used to be but it is still vital. Dont get up to do stuff off the cuff, guys and girls.

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  1. Thanks for the insight into your world. My mentor admonished me against plagiarism. Always warned me to give credit where credit was due. He also said that he never preached others’ sermons, but was always on the lookout for a good outline. I have found that I can gain a lot of insight from other preachers, but find it impossible to preach their sermon. Even if using the same text and points, it comes out different.

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