Service Interrupted: A Political Memoir-Chapter Seventeen

   We might develop a deeper philosophical underpinning for our missionary enterprise. As it is, we are descending to the level of Cartesian rationalism, wherein we find ourselves able to justify any duplicity, shown in our collective willingness to sanction elitist theft for no other purpose than to "move on."

   I know we don’t mean to descend to these depths but our inability to think together appears likely to be our most serious Achilles heel. There must be a better way.

   For instance, a 2008 state paper article indicated the best evangelism "method" we have is whatever baptists will use. I can echo the old saw about how an evangelist prefers his way of doing things to someone else’s way of not doing things but that is hardly a clarion call. We are hopelessly drifting through a shifting culture, apparently unaware of the social pressures mitigating against an old-style, top-down missionary enterprise.

   Conformity, control or community? For the first time we have three generations coalescing in American society in gigantic numbers with absolutely conflicting generational metaphors. Not to be a nihilist but, frankly, if we cannot tie things together and find a commonality to unite rather than divide, we might as well blow up the whole thing, drop the pretense and start again.

   In this memoir I have offered various suggestions about ways to move on from here. All of them involve some means to face the reality of our current crisis.



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