Service Interrupted: A Political Memoir-Chapter Thirteen (Continued)

   "Unless there is some point at which you are prepared to fight against whatever odds, and whatever the threat may be, not merely to yourself, but to anybody, all principles become flexible, all codes melt, and all ends in themselves for which we live disappear."

                                                     ——Isaiah Berlin, 1958

   Sometimes you have to fight publicly, against friends.

   A couple of years ago, I told my friend, David Currie, we had problems at the state level. Later, he would ask me why I did not tell him more but I assured David I told him all I could tell at the time.

   He assured me the problems I related could not be fixed by TBC. I remarked, "Then I will have to give you some help."

   So, I let my name be mentioned for BGCT president in Austin. The reaction was swift and merciless and from all sides. You would have thought I was the one who squandered money, wasted our resources, diminished our influence and fired people in cavalier fashion.

   I also began to write a blog, sometimes on sermons, sometimes on humor, sometimes on life, sometimes on secular politics, but increasingly on BGCT issues. I have been asked over and over again why I would do such a thing.

   My question to some questioners, "Why didn’t you?"

   Does it matter much if you die of one thing or another? Privately, different persons would tell me we had a failed leader, undecipherable decision making, wasted human resources and on to infinity. No one could tell me what they were going to do other than protect their own position.

   "Don’t burn down the house to get rid of the termites," I was instructed.

   So the termites just kept eating. The house teetered and is now virtually ready to fall in on itself.

   What do we do?

   Unless TBC will live forever (which means a certain amount of control) we might start to prepare ourselves for the day we stand on our own. Institutions, ministries, conventions unwilling to let the Ultra-Orthodox Rabbis decide who gets into Zion should devise means to protect themselves and provide for their future.

   Yes, Davis, but you lost.

   Did I?

   Every day, a few hundred people read this blogsite and other blogs on the same subject. My ideas get around. I hear them back, from insiders, from outsiders, from people who were in the fight, from people who have come alongside to help now. I don’t hear a good echo yet from the Executive Board or the Administration but they will come around as well.

   I do not define success as holding my spot. I define success as taking on odds, facing threats, holding some things inviolable. Like diet and exercise, these things will not catch on as long as fad diets are offered. I have to tell you, you really cannot lose weight while sitting on your sofa. I don’t believe it.


1 thought on “Service Interrupted: A Political Memoir-Chapter Thirteen (Continued)”

  1. Dr. Rick,
    Greetings, and let me start by saying: “YES,” Bloggers and their Blogs are very relevant and getting bigger every day. Blogs are here to stay.
    I have said this B-4, and I will say it again here: I firmly believe that Baptist Bloggers and their infamous Blogs (like yours and the Samurais for example) are gradually becoming the “New Voice” and “First Source of choice” for some Baptist Info. In other words, some folks go to Blogs FIRST, long before they read the Baptist Standard, to see what is happening in Baptist life. Does anyone else do that?
    In the technological world in which we now live, Blogs will become more and more common. I am sure 10 years or so ago, we never thought anything would replace the printed version of our beloved Baptist Standard, but I am convinced that replacements are coming and BLOGS are one of them.
    I mean, let’s face it… we all do things now and readily accept items we never would have dreamed of several years ago. For example:
    1) “Cell phones” replacing house phones. Could you have imagined 10 years ago that people would simply drop their home phone and # for a mobile phone? It is happening more every day, and I am about to do it, too!
    2) “Video pastors.” It is incredible to see how many churches have successfully transitioned into starting new church sites where the Lead Pastor of the church preaches to all the mission points simultaneously via a live Video feed! Again I ask: “Go back about 5 years or so and ask yourself if you thought it would ever be possible or successful like it is today? I would not have thought so.
    3) “Printed Newspapers.” I am already using an online internet version of the newspaper to obtain my daily news fix. This lets me read a paper from any major city in the world, and it is free. I could not fathom doing that a few years ago, could you?
    So, I say all this to simply remind everyone that BLOGS and BLOGGERS are here to stay. But, instead of looking at it as a negative part of the world, let’s view it as a positive one. Try it… you might like it?! (And while you are at it, why not start your own BLOG?)
    NOTE: Rick, you do a good job with your BLOG, and you are very informative. Keep up the good work or informing us with info we could not obtain any place else.
    SCUBA Man

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