Service Interrupted: A Political Memoir-Chapter Five (Continued)

   Author’s Note: I got interrupted by life yesterday and left the screen abruptly. I had some technical difficulties this morning.

   There is a funeral for a friend this afternoon and then the Sunday thing that seems to happen each week tomorrow.

   I may not return to this effort until Monday as Sunday looks satisfyingly full.

   Let me remind all the jittery, I am controlling the content of this blog memoir. Most of the tough things I am saying are about me. If you are sitting in an office somewhere worrying about being outed in some way, be at peace.

   I will lose some friends in the process of this memoir and perhaps gain some others. I feel like someone trying, on a lesser scale to bring peace in the Middle East. Do you remember that old picture of Bill Clinton standing behind Simon Peres and Yasir Arafat as they shake hands, grimacing for the world to see? This memoir, and some of my efforts over the years, are the only times I have ever felt like President Clinton must have felt, trying to bring the world back from the brink.

   Please don’t write, call or come by to tell me "all people know about baptists is that we fight." In fact, that is all we know of ourselves. The word baptist does not "test" will in these days because we are not on anyone’s radar.


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