Sierra Leone Scam

You may be receiving calls from the African nation of Sierra Leone. I got three this morning.

I do not know anyone in Sierra Leone.

The call is to inform the recipient you have failed to pay some fine. The police are being dispatched to arrest you, unless you go to your nearest Target store (or something like it) and get a large gift card. Then, you are to call them back and give them the information on the card, which they will then apply to your police problem.

Yes, a similar scam operated out of Georgia in the United States a few years ago. This one instructed you to go to Wal-Mart to get your gift card. When various on line persons caught on to that scam, the scammers used other addresses to offer testimonials to the truthfulness of their calls.

Please do not waste even a moment with these persons. It is a scam from beginning to end. Alert your older friends, since these scammers love to get older people, or the very young and naive, to buy them a gift card.

The world wide web has real value. Sadly, this includes the work of some who wish to take value from you.

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