Sikhs are not Muslims

   We are going to hear and read this for awhile after the criminal act against Sikh worshippers at a Wisconsin temple. While true, it  does not go far enough.

   Sikhs are not Muslims but that does not mean the criminal act of murder should be practiced against any worshippers of any kind in any worship place. Many people who worship God do not carry guns to worship. Perhaps we will need to start, or be more vigilant, but, regardless, it is an act against religious freedom to kill people going to church, or temple or whatever.

   Naturally, worship places could attract criminals bent on murder. The worshippers may tend to have a certain commonality of race, nation of origin, et al, in addition to being unarmed and not hyper-vigilant.  Commonality and easy targets may make religious worship places low-hanging fruit for criminals.

   My point is pretty plain, I guess. The murder of religious worshippers by a criminal is a tragic event for all worshippers of any kind. 



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