Sixth Commandment Under the Law


  Thou shalt not mistake media savvy with spirituality. Thou mayest arrive at Heaven one day to discover thou diddest bad television instead of good religion.

   Thou shalt know that noise is not worship any more than silence is reverence. Thou shalt look to thy God and  into thy heart rather than search for some acceptable form.

    When thou lackest preparation, thou shall not depend on immediate inspiration and so claim God did poorly. If sudden inspiration cometh, thou shalt understand it is the hand of heaven meeting thy preparation. If not, thou art not preparing well and so thou art a smelly rat with beady eyes and soft knees. I kiddeth thee not. Readeth a book, thinketh and pray. Really. Right now.

   Thou shalt know that one of the signs of the Apocalypse is the stupidifying of society. Thou shalt not join the herd.

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