Sleaze Factor, Day Two

   If I understand the media portrayal correctly (and,  if aintsobad doesn't get it right, who will?), Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan cannot be elected to high office in 2012 because Todd Akin does not understand basic human anatomy. Mr. Akin's inability to distinguish legitimate forcible intercourse from false positive intercourse is complicated  by the midnight swim of six GOP congressmen in the Sea of Galilee last spring, during which one admits not being suitably attired.

   I am not making this up.

   I had thought this campaign could not get sillier. Apparently, I was wrong.

   Left unsaid is was what either major candidate intends to do about the 47 cents of every federal dollar outside of debt service going for entitlement spending. The figure is expected to be 61 cents of every non-debt federal dollar going to entitlements by 2030.

   Left unsaid is what either major candidate will do about the 23 million Americans who are not working, the nearly 25% of children who live in poverty, the situation on our borders and a burgeoning gap between haves and have nots.

   Of course, if someone will just let us all know about skinny dipping Congresspersons and a failing Senatorial candidate in a midwestern state, all the other stuff will correct itself. 

   I cannot decide, just yet, so, readers, you tell me.

   Does the 2012 US Presidential Campaign make you feel more dirty than silly, or more silly than dirty? I would beg the major candidates to abandon their race altogether but I do not know what we would get in trade.


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2 thoughts on “Sleaze Factor, Day Two”

  1. I can not begin to speak of the overall disgust I have with all newspersons and politicians in general.
    My problem is two fold: 1) even with our complete idiots in both media and politics, I don’t know of any other country doing better.
    2) If there was a country doing better, I don’t have the money nor inclination of moving there.
    Lord help us not be our own demise.

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