So I Did Not Actually Fill Out a Bracket…

…because my interest is so low. The NCAA March Madness thing is now more Spring Sadness. There are no great teams, no seasoned veteran teams with a history together, and, so, more sadly, no big rivalries, ala UNC-Duke, or UCLA-UH or even a ‘Nova-Georgetown. “Coaching” is more important, we hear, in the One and Done Era, but that mostly means recruiting and all the potential dirtiness that goes with it. Some programs still sell themselves but others have very much lost their luster, like UCLA, which back in the day used to lose a game about as often as the Presidential administration changed (once in four years).

The game has gotten more physical and less artistic. The ten foot jump shot is as obsolete as the two-handed push shot. Kids can hit threes, which is acceptable at a rate of less than three in ten, and they can dunk. They cannot do much in between.

If I had filled out a bracket, I would not have known to pick Dayton over Ohio State, though one of my Keys to the Bracket for the last ten years was Do Not Overvalue the Big 10.” Along with “Undervalue the PAC-12,” these two maxims served me well. I would not have known to pick North Dakota State over Oklahoma, though my old adage “Do Not Value Second Tier Big-12 Teams the Year They Move Back Into the Second Tier” might have helped. Some other 8-9 Seed had nine winning. I don’t much care. Same with the other

One and Done means A Lot Less Fun.

And I still think Florida will win the whole thing.

Or not.

And I hate feeling this way. As a basketball junkie person, I used to love March. Now, the pros are watered down and the colleges are less interesting.

It is a good thing God does not change. God is the same yesterday, today and forever. God bless us all.

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