So, I Guess, Tomorrow, Given Time and Energy…

…I will write more about the Human Debt(s). I am thinking of Sadness, Love, Courage and Death, as well as Joy. I am particularly interested in the subject of courage right now, since I hear so much talk about the Courage of this group, or that person, who is coming out for this or that (formerly) castigated life choice.

And I wonder if it is Courage, or what is Courage at all, that brings out an admission of actions or thoughts. One fellow recently labeled himself a “Cultural Libertarian,” by which he meant he would no longer admit the guilt in any pleasure. He would just take pleasure from all things, regarding, say the works of Proust to be as subtle as those of Louis L’amour. I understand his love of reading, while thinking his choice of illustrative substance is like comparing Renee Fleming’s voice with that of poor Miley Cyrus. They are similar in that they are human and hope for the best, but in no other discernible way.

I wonder if Courage is sometimes keeping things to yourself, but I don’t know. I want to grace the Courageous (Yes, I know I made a noun a verb, but, sometimes ya just gotta), but I admit I wish some people would stop talking in Contrarian terms and calling themselves Courageous, or expecting others to see Courage in them.

So, I want to explore Courage. Courage is one of the human debts, I think, one of the things we owe each other, without which the race of humans would be the poorer and perhaps non-existent. Someone must display the  courage to warn us of the coming desert in our breadbasket, the collapse of our political structure to a One-Party System. The same prophetic voice must rail against entrenched, institutional sin, but you will not find that prophetic voice at church. If you do do, be sure someone is trying to stop the howling and they will probably succeed.

I am going to explore Courage, and all the other human debts with you, if you care to go this way. I repeat, grace will be required to help us put up with each other, more certainly as this world becomes more hot, more crowded, more gapped between haves and have nots. I will say a word about this tomorrow, God being my help. Invite your friends to visit.

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