So, I want you know, Joan and I voted…

…and we have the seven most wonderful grandchildren in the cosmos. The vote was unanimous.

Faith, Logann, Grant, Layton, Abry, Annalynn and Jace; with each one we think, “I can’t ever live another being the way I love this one.”

And, then, along comes another one, and, lo and hehold, we love each one just like we loved the other ones. There is no single word to describe how each one of them makes their Na-Na and me feel.

So, I have coined a word that means fabulous, amazing, beautiful, handsome, smart, talented and perfect all in one. It is a word all mere mortals will need to use in addressing our grandchildren in the future, if you do not mind.

The word: DavisGrandchildNoNeedofaHashtag.

No, it may not be abbreviated or made into an acronym. To be sure, you must address them in this way while genuflecting rapidly.

That is all.

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