So, the bragging continues…

…in that our eldest grandchild, Faith Atchley, has won a few more honors for her basketball skills. I know you cannot wait to learn the newest news, but that will have to wait until after the disclaimer.

To wit: All 12 of our grandchildren are absolutely perfect in every way, lacking in nothing. Each one is pretty enough to be a model (8 girls) or handsome enough to be a movie star (4 boys). They can jump higher, run faster, conjugate verbs more accurately and all of them knock the top out of college entrance testing. In fact, it is almost unfair to compare any of our grandchildren to mere humans. So, Joan and I just love them all equally and will be very glad to brag to you longer than you care to listen as to the greatness of our perfect grandchildren.

So, disclaimer aside, since we last wrote you about Faith Atchley, our oldest grandchild, these things have come about:

  1. Faith was named First Team All State in Class A TAPPS. She actually outscored all other shooters, even those who had four or five games, though she had only three. She scored 129 points in three games for an average of 43 points per game.
  2. Faith has been nominated and selected to play in the Top of Texas All Star game. She joins 23 other seniors from around the state of Texas for this annual event. The girls all come from Division A through 4A schools, inclusive of private and public schools. She will get a practice, a three point shooting contest and a game, all coached by College level coaches.
  3. She cites the help and mentoring of her maternal grandfather as the key to reaching this honor. Modesty prevents me from identifying her mother’s father. He is simply called “PaPa.”

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