So, tomorrow, vote and I give you my prediction…

So, tomorrow, vote. Then repent of your choice, whichever one, and pray for the nation.

And I predict an Obama victory. In the spring, watching the GOP candidates, I thought it would be a substantial victory but the economy is too weak, too many mistakes were made, there was that first debate and, so, I think the popular vote will be close. The electoral math will not be as close but it is what the Founding Fathers decided all those years ago. The American experience continues.

And, I predict, the various close “battleground states” will be contested even after the results are reported. I said why I thought this in my last post, which I encourage you to read. In recent years, we have had one contested election, the Hanging Chad of twelve years ago. Was that really twelve years? Yes, and 2012 will be the next one. This might go all the way to the US Supreme Court again. The disruption on the East coast and the disputed ballotry of Ohio and Pennsylvania will not go unnoticed by the attorneys for either side. If one candidate does not break out there and elsewhere I predict a continued contest that will be much more than a recount.

If it seemed like this one would never end, you should be warned. It might not.



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