So, we got in late last night…

…because I talk too much. So, Joan was sleepy today.

I prepared her lunch before retiring to bed last night. She got a nice Spinach Salad with tomato and cheese, with light croutons and some saltines. I sent her a half grapefruit for her morning snack and a whole banana for her afternoon snack.

She also got a three chocolate turtles because she has been so good lately. Maybe she can stay awake.

I do need suggestions from you ladies on what to send in her lunch, as my soup, sandwich, salad thing is going to grow old, I am sure. I prefer she have fresh and soft things, not wrapped up, super formulated carbo snacks. So, let me know.

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  • 2 thoughts on “So, we got in late last night…”

    1. David Montoya

      Don’t be so sexist in asking for advice:

      Try a bacon spinach quiche, it will warm up nicely in a microwave.
      Another, a mango-pinapple tuna fish in a tortilla (rolled up).
      Third, Fresh mozzarella on tomato served on rye bread with a poppy seed dressing dip.


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