Some Things Are Duty, Which Can Be Part of Calling

On the Lord’s Day just passed, I approached the day all tithed up for the month, and a bit more. My checkbook was going to get a rest.

Then, in praying for the worship time, God directed me to joyful giving above the above and beyond. So, I made out another check. This is a duty, which may grow out of a calling, but in all these matters, I am learning to follow Christ through the example of the late John Wesley.

About financial matter, Wesley said:

Make all you can.

Save all you can (by which he meant be thrifty)

Give all you can.

So, I made out this check. I was surprised by some of the digits in the check, but all that is God’s issue, not mine.

Then, Monday, I got a writing assignment I did not expect. The editor needed a quick turnaround and I can do that. A check is on the way to me.

Then, on Tuesday, a check came in the mail from a long forgotten debt. I had written off a “loan” to a fellow from some time ago. I never expected to see the money, any part of it though he was vociferous in insisting he would repay the “loan.” I had forgotten it. Then, he sent a check for partial repayment.

On Wednesday, I got a call from a fellow who needed me to work for him for part of one day, unexpectedly.

You are starting to get the idea. A calling is a grace thing, out of which come certain duties, but all of which prove the love of God for us.

And God is good.

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