Some things I really enjoy: Minor humor alert because I wish to grin a wry grin again

   Early morning rains.

   Starbucks coffee houses.

   Mid-afternoon rains.



   October is my birth month. Tomorrow, the 5th, I turn 56 years of age. Horrors.

   Fifty year olds without money and power are invisible in our culture. I have decided to use my gift of invisibility for good rather than evil. I observe, polish, think, put in a word where and while I may.

    I try to help the Visible Beings achieve before they, too, enter the Realm of Invisibility.

   Invisibility is not always a bad thing. When others lift heavy objects to carry about, I am no longer recruited to their help.

   When swift running is the order of the day? Invisible.

   Pop culture references? I don't know Kanye West from  L'il Wayne. In fact, I think they are the same fellow, like Clark Kent and Superman .


   I will tell this story and let you go. I still do my workout every day, so I can call basketball games. Yes, in my current state of infirmity this is no doubt foolhardy but the night cometh when no ref can call. I must work while it is yet day.

    My new friend, Tim, got me a  ref gig in a nearby school district a few weeks ago.  We did eight games in two days.

   Frankly, I do not know what they had before us but the administrators, coaches and the parents were raving about our knowledge of the game, conditioning and game management.

   Tim got me another assignment yesterday with him here in Brock. One of the coaches from the previous tournament brought two teams this time to our gym. She is a really good high school coach, experienced and capable.

   She walked in before her first game, saw us on the court and said to her husband, "Oh, good. They got the old referee and the other guy. They are just the best I have seen out here."

   The old referee and the other guy.

   I did not have to ask who she meant by the "other guy."

   I thought for a moment of rushing down to Wal-Mart for some Grecian Formula . I was sore tempted, but, hark,  no, why would I want to forfeit my gift of invisibility?

    I will forsake it not. , Yea,I will accept time's great boon. I shall wrap me now in my cloak of invisibility. 

   Who said that?  Heardest thou a voice but seeth no man? Hah!

   Godspeed you on this Lord's Day.

6 thoughts on “Some things I really enjoy: Minor humor alert because I wish to grin a wry grin again”

  1. Happy Birthday Rick Davis,
    Embrace your age. Wisdom is not dead. You are not invisible to true Texas Baptists. They listen for your leadership and respond to your insights. You are still one who can manage the engagement with a wisdom of a war chief and compassion of the good Samaritan.
    Bless you my beloved brother. Osu

  2. only 56 WOW!!! You surprise me Rick Davis no wonder you are still calling games. I look forward to many more years of your sage wisdom. As far as calling games you just keep going, everybody needs to see an old geyser in good enough shape to do that.
    Happy Birthday my friend

  3. Happy Birthday Rick! You were 30 years of age when we first met, I think I’m catching you. 😉
    Have a great day!

  4. Another year of survival in the jungle of life. You are to be congratulated. WTG, Rick. As Harry Chapin sang in “Life Is a Circle”, “…let’s go round one more time.”
    Les Morriss

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