Somehow or other…

…a movie I do not recommend because of content and two political likes showed up on my Facebook. I have spent some unhappy time removing them. I do not know how I put them there, or if I did.

   I do know it is not as easy to take things off Timeline as I would wish. Apparently, for about 48 hours, I promoted Mr. Obama and for about two weeks, I sponsored Mr. Romney.

   I wish I would make up my mind.

   And, during this feast for the nonsensical, Typepad changed my aintsobad face page, moving everything over to the Renovation site for awhile. I still do not have it all back together, meaning, the people who do this for me have not had time to tell me what I did or how.

   So, for a time, I cannot  make snarky comments about Arch-Anarchist and All-Around Evil Okie Todd Littleton. This is unfortunate but I can blame him because he is one of those who put me on line in the first place and he fixes what I tear up. 

   So, I see his sinister hand behind all this. 

   Or not.

   For those who still do not know, my kids call Todd Littleton "Uncle Todd." His kids call me "Uncle Rick." 

   Still, I remonstrate with him for his anarchist stance, suggesting people might not vote in the November US election because our choices are so meager. I disagree with his proposal.

   And, apparently, on Facebook, I support both candidates, whole-heartedly.


   Oh, well.



Opinions here are mine alone, unless Facebook disagrees with me.

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