South Korea Reports No New Corona Cases, Just as the USA Passes 60,000 Reported Corona Deaths

This is a headline on a major news agency. The USA is to be compared to all other nations, regardless of how those other nations collect data, distribute data and regardless of how different they are to the USA. And, of course, the USA, where Victim Playing is a major industry by our Socialist fiends, the USA must come out looking bad.

So, let us assume the news from South Korea is true and good. First things first, let us rejoice with them. What a great thing!

Then, let us do what the article (and a thousand other like it) assumes. That is, South Korea good, USA bad, Trump terrible. Get real. That is the purpose of the headlines.

So, let me go beyond the assumptions of the article and offer this assumption. Get ready.

South Korea is the most evangelized Christian people group in Asia. The majority of South Koreans are Christians now. So, it is obvious to me that God is being gracious to praying, loving Christian people. Thank God for this good news.

And, so, the American nation should take this opportunity to set aside the idea that technology will save us (the same technology that unleashed this virus on us from a bio-weapons lab in China) and turn to that which we know from this great article works, since it works so well in South Korea.

Let us turn to faith in Jesus Christ. Let us all convert, truly, joyously convert to Christianity and pray for God’s protection over our nation and people, newly come to Christ.

Laugh all you want. It makes every bit as much sense as saying Sweden, South Korea, Italy, France and Germany, et alia, are all better than the USA.

Stop hating your country. Stop idolizing the people who hate your country.

I will have more to say about this on Monday’s blog, which I am writing in my mind right now. Stop hating America. Start loving God in Christ Jesus.

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