Starbucks Church, Redivivus

   Brief interruption in the series on Knowing God. Coming right back.

   Last night, after I was released, I kept a previously arranged dinner appointment with Dalton, Brian and George. They are part of our new Starbucks Church effort. Dalton has been visiting with me there for some time and has asked good questions about God and life. He recently brought in Brian and George.

   These are young men in their twenties. Last night was Dalton's birthday. We met at Piranha's sushi bar in Ft. Worth for a couple of hours together. The young men were full of life and questions/assertions about various matters. Dalton and Brian came to Big Church in Brock on Sunday morning and took in the formal worship for the first time. I was most delighted and excited to see them come to our larger group setting on Sunday morning. They are the first of the Starbucks Church here to come to the formal meeting place.

   Mostly, I am grateful to God that some young men take the time to give me company and information. In addition, they ask very meaningful questions about God, the Christ and the Church, and offer their insights. We are truly in a world awash with God.

Writer's Note: I think it is a huge waste for pastor's to spend their time managing the office instead of penetrating the culture around them. Long time readers of aintsobad will remember the Starbucks Church in my last town, as well as my argument for adopting a coffee shop or hangout wherever you are to meet people. I have been lead pastor of some growing/large churches. I know there is a certain amount of administration you have to do. If it is all we are, we are not much, are we?

Opinions expressed here are mine alone.

7 thoughts on “Starbucks Church, Redivivus”

  1. Definite thumbs-up on both. You getting ‘released’ and the fellowship corporately and casually.
    “Released”. Anything to do with a straight jacket?

  2. Released, as in a work release program? Who is your PO?
    On another topic, I had an opportunity to reconnect with John Clark. They have three young children now and he has lost over 150 lbs, and he is still discipling young men.

  3. The Lord did tell us through the prophets that the young will dream dreams. I hope they are dreaming about how to live for the Kingdom rather than for a career.

  4. I am inspired as always by your penmanship…or keymanship I suppose these days….so I am going to adopt a bar…there are no Starbucks around here and everyone hangs out at the bar…thanks for the encouragement

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