Starbucks Church to Close

   My Starbucks Church closes this Friday at 6pm, due to the closing of the local Starbucks store. A number of Starbucks locations around the country are closing and ours is one.

   I will miss my little Starbucks congregation. They are scattering to the winds. On Friday at 3:30pm, I have been asked to offer a few reflections and a prayer in our final day open together. I am heartbroken at the thought.

   God will open up other opportunities, I know. It is sad to see this one go, however.

5 thoughts on “Starbucks Church to Close”

  1. As one door closes, others quickly come open for a heart who seeks the spiritual searching as you do. Bless you brother, if only your tribe would increase.

  2. I was also sad to see the B’wood Starbucks made the list. I will miss stopping in early for a ToffeeNut Latte while waiting for the fam to wake up.

  3. how about a Mc Church or a DQ church…surely there is one of
    those in hicksville….God Bless the church, wherever it is…

  4. Hey Mr. NoName, NoBrain, I think you missed the point of the blog. I would not expect you to feel any empathy, seeing as you are probably one of those city slickers that likes to come down and take advantage of us rubes, for those people losing their jobs and not knowing what will happen until they find another. Oh yeah, thanks for the Blessing you pompous snob. If you need any help in figuring out my podunk message feel free to contact me at my email. I would have contacted you but it seems your email is used for hit and run only.

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