Steve Lancaster, Genius

   One of the greatest things about the Israel trip was the intellectual connection we made with Steve Lancaster of Biblical Backgrounds, Inc., who served as our guide. Steve and his sweet wife Mona lived in Israel for years. His knowledge of languages, history and Scripture is greater than any other single person I have ever met.

   One night, over dinner, I mentioned an obscure passage of Scripture I have preached on, and from which I have never heard anyone else speak. Steve knew the exact spot where the events described took place. He guided us there, first by motor and then on foot, the next day. I was properly in awe. His knowledge of ancient sites is unsurpassed.

   One way to reach Steven and Mona Lancaster is by email. Here is his address:

   He has study software and other materials available. I really would like to see his ministry and his work get more attention. He is the real deal.

   Frankly, for you guys who now, I felt in his presence as I did the days I got too spend with Dr. Dallas Willard. Steven is that real and good.

   Please link to him in your blogsites, twitters, et al.


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