Suggestion Five: Live a great life

   Decisions taken today decide if your life is ordinary tomorrow, or great, or somewhere in the fen between the two. Decisions taken over a set of days determine the course of your life.

   What is a great life?

   A great life is lived in pursuit of a nobler cause. If you are to live greatly, you will take stock of the common lives around you. You will not be able, inwardly, to accept the less noble living you see.

   Understand, your nobler cause may be to raise a family. You have only to want something wonderful for your children and then for their children. At the end of a great life lived to bestow a familial blessing, you will have made unselfish choices, marking you as great.

   Along the way, you will accept hardship before your own comfort. In fact, your life will not be about your own comfort at all. You may never face great danger but, if you do, you will choose to face it rather than run for safety, if you have steeled yourself to live without applause.

   In the end you will look back on a life lived in pursuit of a nobler cause.

2 thoughts on “Suggestion Five: Live a great life”

  1. The best parts of decisions are: I get to be defined by them. The only limitations are mine and who I let influence me. Satan will always remind me of who I was …a failure. Christ encourages me to become who He wants me to be.. much better. I like making decisions based on His idea of who I can become than the limitations of my past. His future is always better than my past.

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