Suggestion Three: Time is on your side if you do right and do not have to be here to see the resolution

   History will resolve itself to right.

   That is, after all, the whole point of the Parousia, of the City Coming Down from on HIgh, of the absorption into God-head.

   History corrects itself. We only nudge it along.

   History corrects itself readily, we nudge it along and we may be certain of the efficacy of time if we do what is right and do not have to present at the award ceremony. If we do things for applause, when the last cheer dies out, we have the whole reward we will receive. There is nothing more.

   So, we should join only what we can join by principle and stay with only that which has its weight from character. We should join and stay with what is good and right for only those facets of life's diamond shine in the end.

   For most of the just elapsed thirty years we have been led by personality cults so agenda driven, so patently pretentious, the side that won could feel only slightly less well off than the losers.We have been a driven herd, not a shepherded people.

   Yet, we are to continue to send money to these dear folks, hoping that some small trickle of the flood might reach its intended end. This is habit, now, only habit, and none too holy.

   There is a better way. I have suggested it before. I will do so again.

   No, I don't want anything.

   "What do you want?" is a Modern question, fathered by spin, born of the angle. His father is Cynic, his mother Jade.

   "How do we make this right? is the post-Modern question.

   How do we support those life-transforming institutions, the pastor of the End of Caliche Road Baptist Church? How do we protect children from clergy predators? We will not save the Free Church tradition in Texas or America with some mail-out DVDs.

   We have to find a sustainable missionary life-style; connected, compassionate, committed. We do not live it now.

   Like any man, I would like to live. I would like to get there with you. The truth is that I will not get there with you. We look decades ahead and I do not have them to give. It really does not matter. I don't have to be there at the awards ceremony.

   Time is on our side if we are right. Someone else can clutch the trophy. All we have to do is pass the baton.

Tomorrow: Restore the Primitive.




1 thought on “Suggestion Three: Time is on your side if you do right and do not have to be here to see the resolution”

  1. I hear patience and rightness. I have urgency and tenacity. We have civility and properness. I long for primitive and the barbarian. I look forward to better days and I do think we will be here to see them, if we move forward.

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