Suggestion Two: Take the Poison From The System

   Redistribute the wealth.

   Take the money from those who need it least and give it to those who need it most.

   Remove the money from those who seem to know least how to use it competently for its intended purpose.

   When you bail out the (already) rich you reward the rich for being rich. The diligent saver, the competent businessman is penalized for thrift and acumen.

   Remember that Moderns (those mostly in power now) have personal survival as a motivation.

   Moderns (I am one) grew up watching civil strife in American streets, pointless armed conflicts, political/religious assassinations (King and Malcom X were preachers who flew too close to the sun) and scandals like Watergate. They (I) became inured to the complexity of life. They (I) stayed active in public life but always with one eye toward personal survival.

   Hence, the Modern Ethos, i.e., the whole thing may crumble soon. I need to get mine and get out.

   Large concentrations of money tend to be toxic. The people who mete out the dollops of dollars they can spare tend to hoard money, to save up against a "rainy day." Leave money around, pass it by a very few (unconnected) hands and learn this truth; money will not just lay there inert. It is a strange attractor.

   Simply put, the system that now is is attractive because it is where the money lives. Take the money out of the system and see who leaves.

   In ancient times, when currency was mostly in commodities, a thief would give a gift to a wealthy person. He would give a gift with a pungent aroma to it. Later, he would burrow into the wealthy man's home, stop and sniff. He would follow his nose to his aromatic gift, knowing that the owner would put the worthy gift with other valuable articles. He "gifted" the owner first to rob him later.

   Little wonder the Scripture tells us to "give without thought of return."

   Take the poison from the system. See who is led to "another place of service"  or into retirement because he/she lacks a "skill set" they neither have nor "want to acquire," when the poison is removed. Why did the unskilled fellow stay so long, if not for another dose of the poison in the system?

   Take the poison from the system.

   See who leaves and how quickly. 

   See who lauds them on their way out the door.

   Check their bags as they go.

Monday: Time is Always on Your Side if You Want to do Right and Don't Have to be Here to see the Resolution.

RJ on WG, 262

4 thoughts on “Suggestion Two: Take the Poison From The System”

  1. The disciples all followed at great personal cost. I don’t see this ride costing some of the “leaders” very much.

  2. So, are you saying that we are to defund the CP? If I see the system as the BGCT/SBC/SBTC/CBF, then we are talking about defunding it.
    If we do that, then are we back to individually supporting missionaries, schools, hospitals, etc.?
    You said money attracts. I agree with that. It does have a pull to it. However, it also has the tendency to pool in a group situation. If I understood the post correctly, then money is the poison. I can see why you use that metaphor. Money is power, and power corrupts…yes? I’m not so sure if it is just that money/power corrupts, or it is that we are just so horribly corruptible.

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