Sunday, April 3, 2016-Not a new church start…

…at Freedom Community Church, 5360 Buffalo Street, Midlothian, Texas.

Freedom Community Church has been on that site for over two decades. Larry Atchley is pastor of the Freedom Community Church for more than eight years. He remains pastor of the church and will do so for years to come. Jordan Davis has been staff there for more than six years and will remain so.

What am I doing? I have been offered the opportunity to teach/preach on Biblical Philosophy while I am between assignments. We will start in Genesis 1:1 this Sunday and get as far as we can get in five weeks. I will use their space to preach/teach for five weeks, starting this coming Sunday, 3 April at 8:30 am.

We will have a time of prayer and meditation. I will speak on the depth of the Written Word for the remainder of the time.

Be alerted, this is a five week course. I will not be meeting on Mother’s Day Sunday in May. This is not anyone trying to take the place of the faithful pastoral staff at Freedom Community Church. I have some time and some folks who want something they are not feeling they fully get elsewhere. You are invited. Come, bring the family, encourage us together.

This is not a spectator or a consumer type of gathering. Come, take a look, pray through it all with us.

Your presence will be a blessing.

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