Sunday Night Baptisms-Chains of Grace Ministries

Sunday Evening\

September 2, 2018


3958 J Rendon Road

in Burleson, Texas

we will baptize.

First, we will eat


prepared by a Master Chef

Dinner from 4 to 5:30 PM

Then we will sing

inside in air-conditioned comfort

and we will preach ( I will)

on Romans 13:1-7

because we (I) have been preaching

through the Roman letter

this year.

After we eat, sing and preach

We will pray


we have some things

about which we should pray.

Then, at the last

we will baptize three young people

Cayman, Natalie and Windy.

They are 30-somethings in age,

who have not previously been baptized.

They have chosen immersion

as their mode of baptism.

We bought a big steel trough

and we will ask them to profess Christ as Savior,

Commit themselves to Christ’s Church on earth

and to renounce Satan

and all his works.

Then, we will baptize them

in the name


The Father,

The Son


The Holy Spirit.

You can find us if you want at

3958 J Rendon Road

or your GPS

can help you.

No one under 18 can attend


that still leaves a lot of us.

If you have not been baptized

come and we will baptize you.

We may have more than three who follow


in baptism



but we are not too busy for you.

You should know you do not need a criminal record to come worship God with us.

I don’t have one, or my wife or our son who leads worship for us.


most of the people in our worship services

have done some serious time in prison.


some people think they would rather not hang with us

but God wants us to worship together

so we do.

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