Tami Tobey for School Board 2020

Tami Tobey apparently went to a Halloween Party in black face makeup in 2012 or 2013. I was not at the party so I cannot say when it happened or what other people wore.

Tami Tobey now knows this is a serious breach of mannerly behavior. African Americans do not like to have their heads rubbed by whites, or to be called boy or girl, or to be called the N word or to watch people who are not black make themselves up as if they are black.

There, now we all know.

This is the year 2020. We have a racial divide in America about the size of the Grand Canyon. It is now way late in the game to be making these kinds of mistakes.

White people mostly just laugh when persons of other ethnic groups poke fun at us. People laugh at our garage sales (Why do you pull all your stuff out on the yard every weekend?) and the way we treat our pets (You let your dog sleep with you and kiss you? You got problems.).

White people can mostly afford to laugh. No one sold our mother down the river to a plantation in the South. And that is not funny, either.

So, fellow Whites, we can afford to be more careful about the feelings of other people who do not wish to be reminded they once had to get off the sidewalk when we approached. That was the least of our sins but it had to sting.

Someone found a picture of Tami in black face. In a time when racial agitation is already high this person thought it would be a good idea to bring out this old dusty sin. The person who did this must really want to win something. I hope it is worth it.

I suppose the folks who feign disgust over Tami’s gaffe are without sins of their own.

I still intend to vote for Tami for School Board. She will not give in to external pressures. She will ask direct questions and wait for proper answers.

And, as we are seeing, her feet are made of the same hard clay we all wear. She will learn from her foolish insensitivity.

So should we all.

Writer’s Note: Tami Tobey did not ask me to write this article. I did not ask her to review the content, or to approve what I wrote.

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