Ten Commandments Series

   My friend, Grace, asked for a series on the Ten Commandments for today. All of us have one if we have preached for any amount of time. The seminal work on the Ten Commandments for today has been, is and will be Elton Trueblood's Foundations for Reconstruction, written just after WW II. That Quaker could just flat think.

   Tomorrow, I will attempt a much lesser work on the Ten Commandments for today. My preaching list is set for sometime ahead, as I work from a planned program of preaching, text and titles. Many of you use the lectionary and I salute you. The spiritual/intellectual/psychological exercise of thinking about the Ten Commandments for the 21st century of the Common Era wil be good for me and, I hope, not too painful for you.

   The first commandment comes tomorrow, under the title, Prejudice.

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