Ten Musings for Friday. Happy Weekend.

   Here are ten things I am musing about today:

  • I have Google Chrome set as my browser. This week, for some reason, when I click on my Google Chrome icon, Yahoo pops up. I have to type in Google to get to Google from Google. I am mystified as to what I did to cause this to occur.
  • The Olympics, thus far, have some cool swimming and gymnastics but too much horse dancing and ping pong for me. 
  • Imagine working for years to get to the Olympics, then throwing a badminton game to get a better seeding in the second round. Then, someone figures it out and sends you home. Really. The other victim is the fellow who "wins" the thrown game. He has to be reminded all his life his victory was handed to him. 
  • If Mr. Romney's foreign trip during the campaign (England, Poland, Israel) was intended to make him look presidential, he must be running for president of some clown college.
  • MSNBC polls have Mr. Obama with the election locked up. Fox polls have Mr. Romney up by as much as eight points. Apparently, their surveys are done in-house, by which I mean they poll the people in their studio at the moment.
  • The weather in Texas is seasonably warm, meaning just right if you live on the Sun.
  • Next year's Taxastrophe will be taken up largely in eliminating tax credits, not voting on new taxes. The result will be the same. The middle class will take another hit, the poor will still be poor and the rich will have some folks taking very good care of them.
  • Facebook went public, raised a zillion dollars of cash and is now crashing because their phone ap is not large enough to accomodate ads. My prediction: increasing competition will put Facebook back private before you know it.
  • Unemployment will not go down under 8% prior to the election in the fall because people are coming back into the labor force. The unemployment rate will go up a tick to 8.5% or thereabouts, meaning a hit for the Obama campaign. Regardless of who wins the presidential contest the rate will not go down appreciably until more people leave the labor force. As the Baby Boomers (me) and Busters age, the labor force will shrink in number.
  • Chris Christie will have to lose about 125 pounds to be a major party candidate in 2016. Sorry. 


Musings expressed here are mine alone.

8 thoughts on “Ten Musings for Friday. Happy Weekend.”

  1. Rick,
    On the Chrome toolbar, click on the open-end wrench, then click on settings. There is a heading listed as “On Startup”.
    I choose “Continue where I left off” and it will open all my previously open tabs (unless I’ve cleared them somehow).
    You may want a fresh page, so choose the open specific and tell it what you want to open, or you can just have it open an empty tab to start.
    I’m on a Mac and the instructions may be a bit different on a Windows box, but it will be something like what I described or maybe “Wrench > Options > Basics” or something like that.

  2. Gary!
    Thanks! I will.
    Yes, according to the people who track this, the labor force numbers actually rose, which is how you can add 163,000 non-farm jobs in one month and actually see the unemployment rate rise.

  3. I saw some commentators saying labor force numbers were rising, and others saying people were dropping out long term. But the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ July report says the size of the civilian workforce as well as the participation rate has stayed the same, as had the number of long-term unemployed. The number “marginally attached” to the workforce had fallen – meaning fewer people attached in some way.
    Very confusing – lots of categories and too much partisan spin by most media-related experts.

  4. Following that link: I guess July’s 8.6% unemployed is before seasonal adjustments, and last year’s 9.3% July unemployment is … something we never ever ever heard?

  5. There is an eye-gouging, hair-pulling, rolling-around-on-the-floor fight surrounding the ‘seasonal adjustment’ by those who care about such things. Census has added the non-seasonally adjusted data for completeness.

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