Texas Rangers Baseball…Slip Sliding Away

Well, my beloved Rangers are now a wild card team. No one can have much optimism about their possibilities in the post-season, if the last two months are any indicator. Apparently, the loss of Colby Lewis and Nephtali Feliz are much more crippling than one might think.

And, the cumulative effect of the stress-laden post seasons for the last two years has finally come home to roost. The Rangers have played more baseball games over the last two years than any other team in baseball. They thrilled us, the disappointed us. The two words “Game Six,” will not easily go down the craw of Ranger fans for some time. Of all things, it is outfield defense that has cost this team. Nelson Cruz could not get to the wall for a catch in Game Six. Josh Hamilton drops a pop-up against the high sky of Oakland yesterday.

And, the end, thereof, is probably an early end of the season, 2012. Rangers, thanks for all the happy days. I truly hope we get it together for the post-season but, if not, thanks for all the effort.


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