Thanks, Brock Church

   I have loved my nine months (and counting) at Brock Church. This is our first Thanksgiving together. I want to say thanks to my church family. The way you love my basketball, accept my blog, welcome my family and accept the preaching of the real gospel is just a constant happiness for me.

   It is so good to be part of a congregation that has an exciting present and a promising future.

4 thoughts on “Thanks, Brock Church”

  1. I love and share your outlook. While I do not know Brock, I feel exactly the same about Laguna Park. Even after 8.5 years I love it here.

  2. I have offered it for a couple of years now and they have got it just about ready. I think by 2011 it should be a nice fit.

  3. Doug,
    If they backed out the number of people paid to attend the thing representing some institution or other or the convention staff and selected as a messenger by their church, it would fit comfortably in LP right now. Even their remaining advocates admit the thing is dying.

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