Thanksgiving Day, 2008

   Less than nine, a little more than eight, on the morning, on Thanksgiving Day, 2008, November 27th. I got to Starbucks in Midlothian early with a gift card my wife gave me so I would get out of the house and out of her hair.

   She is very thoughtful that way.

   I brought with me my Bible, my NFHS basketball rule book and, for entertainment, Winston L.S. Churchill's Their Finest Hour.  From the Bible, I have learned the ways of wisdom (Proverbs) this morning, so I know a bit about how to live one earth and praise (Psalms), so I know a little bit more of how to live in Heaven.

   From the NFHS basketball rule book, I have learned, "if the alternating possession procedure has not been established, play shall by resumed by a  jump ball between the two players involved in the center restraining circle…"

   For instance, at the opening tip of the game, a player A jumps against Player B. Player A contacts the ball, knocking it out of bounds. Should the ball go to Team B? Nay, nay. The referee must return the ball to the restraining circle and toss it up again. Or so it seems.

   From Churchill, one learns leadership. Concerning his problems with the Chamberlain government and his own unsteady ascension to the premiership, Churchill writes these famous words:

   …The loyalties which centre upon number one are enormous. If he trips, he must be sustained. If he makes mistakes, they must be covered. If he sleeps, he must not be wantonly disturbed. If he is no good, he must be pole-axed. But this last extreme process cannot be carried out every day; and certainly not in the days just after he has been chosen.


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