The 2020 Election and Its Idols

In 2020 the American electorate will again face a choice of candidates sure to make the world a bewildering place. I would like to cut through some of the nonsense now, in 2019, so we can proceed together as much as is possible.

MY BIAS: I am grateful to Mr. Trump’s administration for its interest in Criminal Justice and Prison reform. Mr. Trump is often characterized as an unrepentant curmudgeon. I wish he would tone down his tweeting. However, in the matter of generosity to prisoners (America incarcerates more of its citizens than any other industrialized nation. The cost is enormous.) Mr. Trump is offering a second chance to persons who cannot hope to reciprocate. Our President is doing something good for people who cannot do much for him. I know, he is influenced by his son in law, whose own father suffered under the burdens of the legal system, but it is still a display of generosity unmatched by prior administrations, Republican or Democrat.

That said, I wish Christians would find a way not to be used as tools in the next presidential election.

Alleged conservative preachers have already started to say that God wants Mr. Trump reelected and Christians must vote for him to prove their Christianity. On the left, the gentrified post-mod clergy, describable as PC contaminated self-help gurus have rushed to annoint Cory Booker, who, they are certain, is God’s instrument; because he is so Not Trump.

My bigger problem with the Right and the Left is the way each group parodies real Christianity for the sake of their Chosen One. So, let me be harshly spoken. Your vote for Mr. Trump or Mr. Booker will not make you a Christian or mark you as one. Your choice of Jesus, and Jesus alone, Him crucified and Him resurrected, will make you a Christian. Your love for God in Christ and then for others around you will mark you as a Christian.

When you vote for a POTUS you are not voting for Pastor of the United States. A secular leader is to help provide the opportunity for us to live lives decently and in harmony. You and I are to pray for the President, no matter of race, gender, sexual orientation, et al. By all means support your candidate and get out to vote for her/him. Just don’t wave your faith in my face if I don’t agree with your choice.

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