The 8th Commandment Under the Law for the 21st Century Pastor

   Thou shalt learn early thou canst not talk all week and then preach on Sunday. Thou wilt have too much to take back from the week to preach on Sunday. Thou shalt notice thou has two lips as well as two ears. The lips do thee better service when they are pressed together. Let the one not flap above the other.

   In addition, thou shalt not be the "Answer Guy/Girl." Thou shalt not interject thyself into situations that have nothing to do with thee and can only end in thy disadvantage. Thou shalt learn clever and creative ways to say, "I do not know."

   When thou has finished speaking, stop talking. Stop speaking before thou exhausteth either thy knowledge of the subject or thy audience.

   Do not believe thou are in control because thou speakest. This may be the time thou art least in control. Cultivate thy voice  but thy mind more and thy heart above thy mind. Do not fall in love with the sound of thine own voice.


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