The Art of Spiritual Prosperity

I do not mean what I am about to write sarcastically, though I do see how readers may find my comment a bit, um, snarkey. To wit, I have long since grown weary of the prosperity preachers, by which I mean the false prophets who tell us to send money to God but give us only their own address as reference.

One such fellow once told me he was in the “feel good” business. His job was to make people feel good. He went on to say these words, “God is everywhere, so just go where the money is.”

I will stipulate that feeling good is better than feeling bad.

I will also willingly stipulate that God is everywhere.

From that point on, I must demur.

Here is what I think about the art of spiritual prosperity. That is, those who have must gladly and willingly share with those who do not have enough. This is not to perpetuate the poverty (even less is it to seal the impoverished in the habits leading to poverty) of the lower socio-economic under class. I do mean the Haves must expend some time, talent, effort and goods to alleviate the immediate needs of the Have Nots.

As I write this I am comfortably seated in my local Starbucks. Yes, I am aware the former CEO of this company virtually ordered those who support traditional families to stay out of his stores. I pray for him and support my little pals at this place. Yes, I also know some Starbucks somewhere acted poorly to uniformed personnel. My Starbucks does not charge uniformed police or first responders when they come in for coffee or a snack. So, there.

I mention my friends here because one of those wonderful Pay It Forward persons has just settled in for a time. This dear person has put up $300.00 to pay for the next customers and the next, until the money is expended. He is standing next to the bar receiving the thanks of all those who benefit from his largesse, I had already paid for my own daily dose of mildly addictive legal stimulant, so I can just sit and watch.

And, yes, I have seen this practice before and it is ok. My issue is the beneficiaries are other middle class Lexus drivers (no, no, I am still happily in my Toyota Tacoma, as I refuse to buy a car more expensive than my first two houses). The person Paying It Forward is giving from abundance and being generous. The people who get the free coffee are appropriately thankful.

So, I got some cash and gave each of the minimum wage kids behind the bar some of my money. They are the working poor. I have to believe their education (most of them are working their way through college, or supporting families) is vital to our nation’s future. So, instead of buying a five dollar latte for a man in a Benz, I am making a small contribution to the working poor.

I think this is a better way to go.

Besides, it makes me feel good.

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