The Bard and the Ball

Dramatis Personnae

Girl, a Player
Aged Official

Act One
Scene One
Brock Gym
The Crowd Howls

Girl: The player opposin' me groweth restless, favored old man. Regard her listless eyes and guard my steps, lest she steal my virtue on the crossover.

Official: Lest, haply, I missed her intent, but now, sooth, I will take to your words and defend your steps.

Girl: Blessed and happy am I, oh, man, to find you to a friend.

Official: Then, off and smash down to the goal. No fiend, intent to deter thy steps, will hand check thee in the fore court this night.

Girl: Keep thy word and I'll to the goal, my sliding feet agin' the hardwood, my head set ten feet high.

Official: Marry ye to the task then and merry we will proceed.

They exit our sight. A crash is heard. The crowd moans.

Official, looking down over her fallen body

Girl: What happed to your pledge, goodman of the court?

Official: I pledged only to watch thy steps and so have kept my pledge. Thy foe hath stepped in front of thee and, holding her spot athwart thy path, is due her own stance. Thou hast charged her, she has felt the breach and thou has fallen. Now, arise, maiden, and hie thee to the other end, where thy mates now play four on five, while thou rest hear in empty prattle with me, who will not change his mind, nor alter his call.

Girl: Thous hast disappointed me, oh, good, old man. Thy gray hair is a foul nest for youth.

Official: And, alas, I had kept my task as well as thou has kept thy nature and now, oh, girl, thy nature has kept my task to hand and fitted me to a T, which now I give thee for thy mouth, being well deserved, is now well served.

Official applies Technical Foul.

Girl: This hast not ended well.

Official: This hast not ended a'tall. We are yet in the first quarter and thou, maiden, to the bench, there to confer with thy coach and then thy conscience. Come not hither to act so again. We have seen thy spleen. When next thou cometh, leave the bile and bring the blooded heart only.

Girl: Then, well done, and aptly said. I will visit thee again, goodman of the court, and expect a call more fair.

Official: Not this night wilt thou return to my court, oh, maiden, for thy second T is at hand now. Thy tongue predicted thy fate and so hath prophesied this end. Like an asp I hurt it to thy breast and, for now, tis poison to thy game. Farewell, and home now to mother and father, who should have taught thee better. Farewell, and say no more.

The girl exits. The crowd howls, exactly as we entered.

 With a loud sigh the official continues his weary trudging motion down the court.

End of Act One, Scene One

4 thoughts on “The Bard and the Ball”

  1. Oh my. You had to give two Ts) in one quarter…in Brock… Was this your first game there?
    I wonder if this will have a negative impact upon your ministry… 😉
    Thou shalt be known as the Pastor of Ts!

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