The Campaign, One Week To Go

Here are the salient factors about Campaign 2012, going into the last week of the election campaign.

  1. Both campaigns have suspended appearances until after Hurricane Sandy spends itself.
  2. Mr. Obama is ahead in Ohio among early voters, 60% to 30%, meaning Mr. Romney has to have about 67% of the remaining vote to break even there. Since Democrats tend to vote earlier, the lead may not be as formidable as it seems. But, then again, two of three over one third of the electorate is nothing to sneeze upon, friend.
  3. One poll now puts Michigan in play for Romney, which only means five other polls have Mr. Obama somewhat to firmly ahead in Michigan. If polls got to vote, well, you get the idea.
  4. The two campaigns, complete with PAC spending, have topped one billion dollars in paid advertising. One billion dollars, between them. This is a lot of money for a $400,000 per year job, plus benefits.
  5. Voting is so odd in America now that election monitors from the UN are reportedly inspecting some polling places.

And, the beat goes on.




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