The Coming Trial

Every time four years pass, a bulk of Americans declare their aversion to the status quo. The mid-term elections notwithstanding our citizenry insists the obvious failings of the incumbent must be replaced with the less visible weaknesses of the other party. Americans exercise grossly, first to make plain their disgust with the common weal and then we exercise our franchise, voting in a dissimilar bloc so much like its opponents it is almost impossible to see a difference.

Political historians will now turn away, saying our voting habits have ever been so. There is a two party system, of sorts, quite simply because two is the highest number we can stand. In truth, Americans expect that Republicans will campaign from the Far Right and govern from the Center. Democrats will run for office from the Far Left and govern from the Center. Either way Americans demand change in our electoral preferences but not so much change that we cannot tell where the Center ends and something  more sinister begins.

Third Party, or Fourth, or Tenth Party candidates come forward fairly often now. These doomed candidacies will do one of two things, potentially and a third actually.

The Not Ready for Prime Time Candidates (What is Aleppo?) intend to gather votes by taking one of the major parties to task for not fulfilling their stated objectives from the right or the Left. Jill Stein takes the Dems to task as the world heats up around them. Gary Johnson disappears in a purple haze of his own frustration, but not before he tours his abilities to govern as the GOP says it will govern, given the chance. The rationale of the secondary parties is, then, that they are preferable because they carry the party platforms of the major parties to their logical conclusion. They cannot and the bulk of the electorate does not want them to take the culture away from the Center.

The persistent act of the “other” blocs is more telling. In all modern American elections, the party in power loses its position if a lesser party or parties wins more than 5% of the vote. This fact strikes each major party equally. Since the “other” parties show no intention of going away, the 5% rule will continue with us until it becomes, inevitably, a caricature of its own drawing and some other expression takes the higher ground.

Which brings us to our coming trial. Our President Elect is grossly feared because he ran from the (very) Far Right and now seems intent (and armed) to govern from the Far Right. He exhibits gross personal habits, coarse language among them. He is not the first President to speak in the Vulgar, but Mr. Trump does so publicly and seems to believer he may do so because he is a star. He violates every rule we once thought made a candidate preferable; experience, temperament, personal character, all seem to be so lacking in him his own running mate pulled back from him during the campaign.

If Americans will vote for such a stance in large numbers, we are left to admit that the larger group of consistent voters are now belly-full of what has been in the recent past. The Dems could not put forward a candidate able to energize the fringes of the electorate they must have to win high office. The GOP, try as it might, could not halt Mr. Trump’s ascendance to the highest office in the land. He is Tweeter in Chief now, willing to answer the least slur with a slur of his own.

American politics is now revealed in all its tawdry glory. Famous persons say they will leave our shores, never to return, but seem fixed in place as the inauguration approaches. Americans are a fearful people just now, or elections would not run as they do. The fear increases as we approach the day when a President, with his own “party” in power in both house of Congress, proceeds to govern as he ran. A large portion of the electorate will find itself displaced, in fact as surely as in fearful fancy. We will now see if Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell join with the national leader, or, perchance, they continue as the GOP (and the Dems) have done for so long, promising vital change but displaying the rule of the Half Measure. We are about to see what the Far Right will do given the opportunity. This is a new day. Pray God it is a good one.

The Christian has no recourse,bound, as we are, to the Scripture. We just do the things Scripture says we must do with the powerful. Christians are to pray for those put in front of us to rule and our prayer is strictly ordered. We must oppose evil with equal vigor as we show in support of good. The Coming Trial, for us, is about our faith and our Faith. One must get in line with the other.

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