The Creedal Path: Pushing the Boiled Noodle

   It seems to me,usually, when a writer/blogger/speaker begins with the statement "much has been said" about a certain matter, he or she intends to say more but without a review of the mountains of literature available on the subject. He/she means he/she has some thoughts on a well developed subject and wishes to get on to them, dependent upon the reader to have an interest in and familiarity with the subject at hand. He/she then limits his/her audience to those who can fill up those requirements sans weariness.

   With that in mind, I begin my blog today with the thought that much has been said about creedalism in Christian thought. We are reminded fairly often that baptists are not a creedal people (this is plainly stated in our creed). We are as often reminded that Free Church Christians through the ages give evidence of a need to formulate their thoughts into conviction statements in order to answer encroaching skepticism or other error.

   Both historical schools of thought are accurate in their reflections. We are not a creedal people but frequently cast such a wide net we snare those who cannot possibly agree with every persistent reformer in the boat. We are appalled to find sinners among us, not moral inepts, no, those we accept without blinking, but the theologically errant can be cast off like an old tire dredged from the ocean floor. We are particularly understanding about moral failures if they occur among the affluent or the talented, one notices, whose emigration to our shores benefits the empire.

   Theological errancy is easier to punish, burnishes the armor's image and results in some prosperity for a time. Heretics (those who disagree with us) are burnt at the stake while officials stand idly by, or clap their hands in joy. The problematic plaint of the persecuted results in their departure for a New World, with the eventual termination of relations. Perhaps the fall of the Southern Baptist Convention into the realm of the "declining denominations" is the latest example of what happens when one burns his last heretic.

   To read recent releases from the convention notes has the leadership calling for "renewal and revival." The formula for renewal and revival appears to be more of the same. One wonders how this will bring renewal, let alone revival.

    I digress. This is a content series of blogs on the Creedal Path, written until my thoughts run out, and two blogs beyond, because I usually run out of thoughts two days before I run out of words.





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