The Davidic Hypocrite

   Human beings experience a relatively long gestation in the mother's womb,during which we require complete protection and support. Human beings live through an even longer infancy and young childhood, during which our needs for protection and provision cannot be said to be much less than while we dwell within the womb. Human beings, for now, experience a long aged phase, when protection and provision become necessary because of infirmity and disease.

   The over-long period of dependency seen in the human race is no less visible in the spiritual realm. The Christian, for instance, may be instantaneously conceived, but no one actually believes he is instantaneously mature, or even effective. The convert must be discipled to the point of conversion and constantly mentored after the moment of conversion, lest, haply, he fail in his quest to achieve oneness with the Christ.

   Oneness with the Christ takes so long and is so easily left off because it brings in the sticky business of the Cross. Christians are obsessed with the Cross. The whole Christian Faith is founded on victimization and tragedy. Christians prefer to say the faith comes alive in the profound sacrifice of the Christ but no one can deny the romantic pull of the guileless ideal put to heinous death at an early age.

   Set next to this death, any man is likely to seem a hypocrite. The Cross is high drama and moral ideal. Stand next to the Cross. You will feel small. Take your eyes off the Cross. You will feel lost. If the Cross is the standard, death is life and defeat is victory, if, and only if, you accept the impossible assertion that the state and the church are wrong in their assessment of the man who hangs on the One Cross. If He is the Way, the Truth and the Life, then His death makes secular success (the state) and sacred success (the church) nonviable, as His death places Him above state and church, presenting the Christ as the one and only means to partnership with God.

   The Christian devotion to the One Cross represents a subconscious (unconscious) glorification of the individual moral ideal. The Christ is the Lord, not the church, not the priest or the preacher, and God is available to man by way of the ultimate moral ideal. The Christ is greater than (and other than) the church and the Bible. The Christ is greater than government, be it government of kings or parliaments or presidents. The Christ is above and beyond education or armies or elections, above Creation, though visible in and through the Created Order.

   If the One Cross is actual and not merely theoretical and if the One Cross means what men say it means, then it is the standard by which one's sincerity is gauged. The One Cross measures the worth of what one does and so makes plain the hypocrite, as against the Frail Follower.  

   The hypocrite makes the Frail Follower his repose. The hypocrite is not an actor, as the word itself suggests, but, instead, the hypocrite is the poseur. The most dangerous hypocrite is the most dastardly poseur, i.e., the one who believes what proceeds from his own mouth.

   This is the Davidic Hypocrite, the man who sees a woman in her beauty and utter vulnerability, and then acts to take her, using his position as power, without regard to her obligations. The mind serves as no check on the Davidic Hypocrite for he is the nation and the nation responds to wider impulses. A mob takes because it can take. The leader of the mob caters to and is captive to the mob. His office is his cell. He abuses his power and, in so doing, disabuses himself of the notion that he has any power in fact.

   He may be the fellow who seeks power in order to do good and then keeps power in order to do well. He is the Davidic Hypocrite, the man who makes himself large to obscure his diminutive stature in fact.

   Regard the life of King David before he reaches the logical conclusion of his womanizing. He is a fellow able to fight on both sides, once for the Philistines, thence for the Covenant People. He is a rat who can re-rat and then re-rat again. He is the beau ideal of the hypocrite who uses others.

   This hypocrite is that fellow who does what he does because he can do it. In his actions, he can reassure himself he is pure, for he is the perfect lover of a proper cause. If he were not right and good, surely someone would stop him. Historical forces would array against him. Heaven would open and the angels come.

   He does not notice that the day the Christ died, Heaven merely closed itself to men. The earth grew dark and stormy. Dead men walked while heavy curtains tore from a height no man could reach.

   How does one confront a hypocrite who uses others? The Davidic Hypocrite must hear a story sure to point him to his hypocrisy. The man who benefits from social injustice is sure to understand its effects less well than the fellow who suffers from it. The Davidic Hypocrite, the Hypocrite-User has a sentimental attachment to the present social order. Any good, no matter how small, is said to cover all the sins of social injustice. The slightest gesture of philanthropy, even if it is no more than one person who does his/her prescribed job on a given day, is offered as incontrovertible proof the system works.

   The system does work. It works well for the person at the top, as all systems tend to do.

   The Davidic Hypocrite is not one who suffers for love but he is one who makes others suffer for his lust. He is a lost man, lost in all ways, and he must be confronted with his lostness. He is the despoiler of homes and families, not the least of which is his own. He will bring his own house to ruin. 

   He is the Hypocrite who uses. He is the spoiler. His name is David.


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